Biosound Records




Life´s heart requieres a change sensibility towards humanity and it´s creative work.

Biosound pretends to pick up the new musical language that appears in this eternal "New Ages" in which the essencial thing is to perceive where the music comes from. The nature and the spaces where it is created get a great presence. this music has a calmer, deeper and more thoughtful tempo. Not only the creation is important but how it is created. We pretended, as in the oriental art, to leave the things open, without complementing them, so that the creation is solidary and shared between you and us, Thid is our project and our more ambitious desire.

The "New Age", in the music, means two things above all to know, practice and go deep into our inheritance of all times and, in second place, to keep the creative effort that, in a way oj bridges and ties, keeps us awake like guardians of one of the most beautiful Earth and human being´s patrimony: The magic of the Music...


Biosound Records
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